AIR LEGEND 2020, during the  September 12-13 week-end, will certainly be one of the highlights of the European airshow season, thanks to the sheer number of exceptional aircraft presented, but also to the expected quality of the airshow.

Once again, this will mean a high time for spotters, and keen photographers alike! You will be at the right place to fulfill your passion for aviation, in particular warbirds orientated, but also encompassing period vehicles and even armoured ones!

Over the next weeks to come, AIR LEGEND will present you their 2020 spotters programme, with:

– new shooting opportunities
– more scheduled days to make the best of the flight line
– an improved welcome experience
– and organisation dedicated to the spotters well-being
– and much more…

As the number of available places is very limited, and as we have already received many requests, we must go through a validation process.

You can find below the form to fill in in order to apply for the AIR LEGEND 2020 spotters registration.Following your application:

– Your pre-registration application is VALIDATED? You will receive a first confirmation email, followed a few days later by a second email, that will present you in details the AIR LEGEND 2020 spotters offer, with a link to the payment form.

– Your pre-registration application is NOT VALIDATED? You will also receive an email, that will inform you of the reason why your application was unsuccessful.

In order to be the first to receive updates, subscribe to the  AIR LEGEND 2020 Facebook page!

A bientôt (see you soon)!

The AIR LEGEND spotter team

21/07/2020 update: Pregistrations, are now closed.

Definitive registration links will be sent in the following fortnight to those selected.