In the sky of the PARIS-VILLAROCHE AIR LEGEND, the show will be exceptional and on the ground, the atmosphere is guaranteed with entertainment for the whole family!

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A village of exhibitors, with shops and food stalls will welcome you throughout the weekend.

Visiting the static aircraft display, on the morning, will be for you an opportunity to have a close look at the aircraft that will be flying during the afternoon airshow, and meet their crews.

Reenactment villages, with period vehicles, will plunge you back in time.

Flight simulators of diverse aircraft types, such as P-47, Thunderbolt, Airbus A320 and French Air Force,  will be available for your enjoyment!


This year, we will welcome young veterans of more recent conflicts. This year, we have indeed considered that inviting  the oldest ones, WWII or Indochina veterans, at such a big event, would not be reasonable, considering the current health crisis.

The Commemorative Air Force has an anglo-saxonne radine of the term « Veteran ». One can be a veteran and aged 20.

Though the circumstances are much different, we aim at offering to the public the opportunity to learn about life experiences, flying recent or older Air Force aircraft, demonstrating a high level of professionalism, values and selflessness when serving their country.

« The meet and talk veteran booth” will be set up a the far eastern end of the main exhibitors alley. You will be able there to meet and talk with:

  • Ramon Josa, French Aéronavale. He has piloted all the French Navy aircraft types over a 30 year period.
  • Serge Martin, FaéB puis SABCA, F-84, F-104 Starfighter, Mirage 5, F-16..
  • Lawrence Mastny, USAF, OV-10 Bronco, F-4 Phantom, KC-135.
  • Wilhem « Willy Goebel », Luftwaffe, F-104 Starfighter.
  • Gerd Gloydstein, Luftwaffe, F-84, F-104 Starfighter, Panavia Tornado…
  • Didier « Ricky » Cohendet, Mirage 5F, Mirage F1CT, He has piloted the Mirage 2000, Mystère 20 and Alphajet. He is also the last one to have piloted a Mirage III in France.
  • Marc Scheffler, Armée de l’Air, Mirage 2000, 153 war missions.
  • Max et Pierre-Henri Chuet. Max, the father, was pilot in the Armée de l’Air, flying Mirage III and Mirage IVA. His son, Pierre-Henri, was a carrier-based fighter pilot with the Marine Nationale française, flying SEM Super-Etendard and Rafale M.

We hope that these exchanges will encourage the young to pursue aeronautical careers.

Commemorative Air Force French Wing ( )

Honor – Educate – Inspire

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Reenactment of  RAF, Luftwaffe, and French Air Force 1940’s camps, with period vehicles and aircraft, will take you back in time.

You will be able to watch the reenactors stage scenes of the past, and also interact with them and learn details about their material and vehicles that they will introduce to you in their context.