In the sky of the PARIS-VILLAROCHE AIR LEGEND, the show will be exceptional and on the ground, the atmosphere is guaranteed with entertainment for the whole family!

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A village of exhibitors, with shops and food stalls will welcome you throughout the weekend.

Visiting the static aircraft display, on the morning, will be for you an opportunity to have a close look at the aircraft that will be flying during the afternoon airshow, and meet their crews.

Reenactment villages, with period vehicles, will plunge you back in time.

Flight simulators of diverse aircraft types, such as P-47, Thunderbolt, Airbus A320 and French Air Force,  will be available for your enjoyment!


Veteran aviators of all nationalities, witnesses of the great conflicts of the 20th century, will be present, thanks to the French Wing, the French unit of the Commemorative Air Force.

The Commemorative Air Force, CAF, is the largest flying museum in the world with 175 aircraft, most of them survivors o the Second World War.
The aim of the CAF is to acquire, restore and maintain in flying condition aircraft from a period that stretches from the Second World War to the Vietnam War, and to arouse the interest of the younger generation in order to honour the pilots and crew members who fought for our freedom.

Among other things, the French Wing conducts historical researches and produces a documentary entitled “Histoire et Devoir de Mémoire” (History and Duty to Remember) and publishes interviews with veterans that can be viewed on its YouTube channel and website.

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Reenactment of  RAF, Luftwaffe, and French Air Force 1940’s camps, with period vehicles and aircraft, will take you back in time.

You will be able to watch the reenactors stage scenes of the past, and also interact with them and learn details about their material and vehicles that they will introduce to you in their context.