Ticketing Questions 

A: You can show your ticket on your mobile phone. Don’t forget to charge it in advance!

Yes there will be some on sale for Sunday, these tickets will go on sale during May.

A: Yes, tickets will be available to purchase at the entry gates. However, we advise you can purchase tickets online in order to save time and benefit from the reduced pre-sales prices. 

A: We don’t need family tickets as we offer free entrance to all under 12, and reduced price tickets for under 17.

A: Yes, it is fine if for instance the name on the ticket is the name of the person who purchased it for you.


A: Aircraft are only added to our participation list when we have written confirmation of their attendance. You can view aircraft confirmed on the flight line page. This is updated regularly once we have started to receive confirmations. Due to reasons outside our control, a number of aircraft displays may appear on different days for reasons such as display teams commitments. 

Today (16th avril 2020) the Armée de l’air hasn’t yet communicated their summer schedule.
When we have the information, like for all other confirmed aircraft, this will be added to our web site:
Aircraft confirmed for the Saturday: https://www.airlegend.fr/avions/?present=samedi-12-septembre-2020
Aircraft confirmed for the Sunday: https://www.airlegend.fr/avions/?present=dimanche-13-septembre-2020

disabled facilities QUESTIONS

A: Visitors with a Blue Badge are automatically entitled to park in the Designated Disabled Car Parks. Please ensure you have your Blue Badge with you.

A: Yes, there are disabled/accessible toilets in each toilet block on the showground.

A: Yes, assistance dogs are permitted, provided you carry a proof of their status.