Flightline 2020

The Ultimate Fighters formation

The Ultimate Fighters Fighters

For the first time in France, the exceptional “Ultimate fighters formation”!
Leading the formation is Jon Gowdy flying ‘Nellie B’, the much-coveted P-47 Thunderbolt (G-THUN).
Dave Puleston flies in the number two position in a Mk V Spitfire (G-IBSY).
Richard Grace is piloting the Spanish license built ME109 (Buchon) ‘White 9’ (G-AWHH) in the number three position and Andy Durston completes the line-up flying ‘Contrary Mary’, a TF-51D Mustang (G-TFSI) as number four.

The Ultimate Fighters formation has been created by the operator Ultimate Warbirds flights.

This aircraft will be visible on :

  1. Saturday 12th September 2020
  2. Sunday 13th September 2020

Operator : Ultimate Warbirds

Pilot : P-47 : Jon Gowdy
Spitfire Mk V : Dave Puleston
Buchon : Richard Grace
TF-51 : Andy Durston

Manufacturing date : 2019

D_Harbar_Ult_Fighters_2019_008 D_Harbar_Ult_Fighters_2019_012 D_Harbar_Ult_Fighters_2019_031 D_Harbar_Ult_Fighters_2019_040 D_Harbar_Ult_Fighters_2019_043 D_Harbar_Ult_Fighters_2019_046 D_Harbar_Ult_Fighters_2019_048 PILOT ANDY PILOT DAVE PILOT GOWDY PILOT RICHARD PILOTS