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PBY Catalina G-PBYA

G-PBYA - © John Dibbs

The Consolidated PBY Catalina is a military floatplane hydravion designed in the 1930’s in the USA. It is used for many different missions throughout WWII. It is operated by over 25 countries, including as an airliner. Some of them are still used as firefighting aircraft.

This is the only PBY Catalina currently flying in Europe.

“Miss Pick Up”is based in Duxford and operated by The Catalina Society.
It wears the colours of the glorious 44-33915, that was operated by the 5th ERS (Emergency Rescue Squadron), 8th Air Force, from Halesworth in Suffolk in early-1945.
It was downed whilst trying to rescue a P51 pilot at sea (who was eventually rescued and made POW).
The crew of the Catalina was rescued after 6 days drifting at sea!



This aircraft will be visible on :

  1. Saturday 12th September 2020
  2. Sunday 13th September 2020

Operator : The Catalina Society

Manufacturing date : 1943

Registration number : G-PBYA

Serial number : CV-283

Livery : USAAF OA-10A Catalina 44-33915, 8th Air Force with the 5th ERS (Emergency Rescue Services) based in Halesworth, Suffolk

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