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Nord 1002 Pingouin (Bf 108)

BF 108 / Nord 1002

The Bf 108, is a single engine four seater, designed in 1934 as a private tourer.

Its line production actually started in 1936, when the Luftwaffe chose it as liaison aircraft.

In February 1942, the production moved to France, at the Les Mureaux, within the factory of the SNCAN (“Société nationale de constructions aéronautiques du Nord”) but the production is struggling to gain momentum.

During the Occupation, about 70 Bf 108 are built under licence as Bf 108 D1, that will later be renamed Nord 1000 Pingouin, and then Nord 1001 and 1002 when equipped with a Renault engine.

Bf 108 Les Lufteaux