Flightline 2020

EVAA (Extra 300)

EVAA © EPAA/Armée de l'Air

Since 1968, the Air Force aerobatic team (EVAA) has been present at meetings and competitions, in France and around the world. With her big sister, the Patrouille de France, they form the Air Force presentation teams.

EVAA pilots are also competitors.

They take part in federal competitions in France and, for those of them who are selected as a French team by the French Aeronautical Federation, in international competitions. In 2019, the military pilots won with the French team the title of world team champion, and, Captain Orlowski, who will be present at Paris Villaroche AIR LEGEND 2020, the title of individual vice-world champion.

You will be able to admire each day a demonstration of advanced freestyle aerobatics by Captains Busque and Orlowski.


Photos : EVAA © EPAA/Armée de l’Air

This aircraft will be visible on :

  1. Saturday 12th September 2020
  2. Sunday 13th September 2020

Operator : EVAA

Pilot : Capitaine Orlowski
Capitaine Busque

Livery : 2020

EVAA © EPAA/Armée de l'Air EVAA © EPAA/Armée de l'Air