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Bücker Bestmann Gomhouria Mk.6

Bucker Bestmann Gomhouria Mk.6

The Bücker Bü 181 Bestmann is the most produced trainer designed by Bücker Flugzeugbau.
Its prototype first flew in 1939.
The Bü 181 led to a radical change within the ab initio training of Luftwaffe pilots.
Instructor and student were now sitting side by side, in a spacious heated cockpit, with adjustable seats and under a closed canopy, where conversation was made possible.
2 750 Bü 181 were manufactured during WWII.
In Egypt, the company Heliopolis Air Works bought the license in the 1950’s and developed its own version, called Goumhouria, that was sold throughout the Middle-East.

This particular aircraft is a Bucker Bestmann Gomhouria Mk.6 that flew with the Egyptian air force.

Out of 3 400 Bü 181 built, only a handful remain today, out of which this one, within the AMPAA association !

Operator : Association des Mécaniciens Pilotes d'Aéronefs Anciens (AMPAA)

Registration number : ex AREAF (Arab Republic of Egypt Air Force)

Serial number : 145

Livery : Luftwaffe