On the ground 2020

The association “Les Lufteaux”


The association les Lufteaux was formed in 2006 and has 45 members. It gathers history enthusiasts who are reenacting German Luftwaffe artillery groups.

The association is part of the French federation of life-size role-playing.
Through different types of events (exhibitions, entertainment, filming), the membres display uniforms and material dynamically in order to recréation an historical atmosphere and share their passion with the spectators.
The association also takes part to the organisation of massive role-playing events everywhere in Europe, offering to their members the opportunity to participate in the reenactment of iconic events of WWII.

The pieces displayed during AIR LEGEND 2020 will be:

  • The SturmGeschutz III, the most produced German assault gun.
    The one that will be displayed is a reproduction.
  • The Sdkfz 222, light armoured reconnaissance vehicle, German made. It is a German army vehicle emblematic of the early WWII campaigns.
    The one that will be displayed is a reproduction.
  • The Flak38, German anti-aircraft gun used during World War II by the Luftwaffe. It is equipped with a Mauser gunthat was also used on light armoured vehicles, submarines, coastal defenses boats, and in a slightly modified version on some Luftwaffe fighter aircraft.
    The one that will be displayed is an authentic piece.
  • The field kitchen of the French Armée de l’air “Marion” is a mobile cooker with the wood heated ovens, made in France.  Given to Germany for war reparation, this genuine set has German axles, and Canadian wheels.
    The one that will be displayed is an authentic piece.
  • Citroën U23/ Renault HN is a light truck. Mass produced in the French factories for civilian use beurre the war, one version was designed for the French army. These trucks were produced until the 1960’s with various variations.
    Those presented are post war civilian versions.


French fieldkitchen M36 sdkfz 222 C sdkfz 222 D set complet StuG III B - Lufteaux canon+ Citroën U23 Citroën U23 Citroën U23 logo Les Lufteaux Renault AHN