On the ground 2020

The association “Wings for Ever”

Wings for Ever

The association « Wings for Ever », founded in 2003, regroups about fifteen enthusiasts keen on re-enacting  airbase campments and present the daily life of aviators during WWII.

They are particularly interested in the 1943-1945 period, that is when the Americans arrived en masse  in UK and in France, and present all aspects of their daily life (outside of fighting) on an Air Force camp : uniforms, accessories, ambiance and aviators vehicles.

On their camps, they set-up a mess, a bar and a field kitchen, true to the spirit of those set-up a few days after the landings in Normandy.
After pitching their Marabout or Small Wall tents, organising their bar and kitchen, the tables of the mess, the PX and the briefing room, the members live for the week-end like the Allies were: the female members present field and dress uniforms. It is not uncommon to meet them dressed as nurses, WAC (Women Army Corps) or WASP (Women Army Services Pilot) but also as French Red Cross, tending to the aviators returning from mission. The male members present uniforms that were worn by mechanics, fighter and bomber crews, as well as officers dress uniforms (from captain to general) and sometimes also Navy, RAF or 1940 civilians.

The vehicles that will be presented at AIR LEGEND 2020 are :

  • The « Morris Eight », a small family car produced by Morris Motors from 1935 to 1948. The success of this car established Morris as leader of the British automobile industry. The one displayed is a genuine E series 1938, intended for export, hence the left hand drive. Its owner is Michel Louis.
  • The Austin 7, that is a car produced by Austin between 1922 and 1939. Nicknamed  « Baby Austin » because of its small size, it remains one of the most famous cars of the British automotive industry, thanks to the huge success it had.
    The presented model is a genuine 1935 car, with some enhancements compared to the first series. 4-speed gear box, with 3 synchronised speeds, as well as the new style bodywork and streamlined grille. It owner is Eric Borny.
  • The Austin 10 HP « TILLY », commonly called « Tilly » (for « utility »). The G / YG  series was developed late 1939 / early 1940 for the military, like the original model presented, that was developed on a four door Austin 10 built in 1932. It was produced until 1947. Its owner is Dominique Cerisier.
    The name Jeep is actually a nickname, that could come from  « Jump » or « Just Enough Essential Parts“. It was designed to be the simplest and cheapest possible, with no comfort whatsoever and built for a short lifetime.

    • The Jeep « RAF », iconic WWII vehicle. Arrived en masse to UK from 1943 onwards. , it carries the blue RAF colours.
    • The Jeep « Follow Me », easily recognised with its white and black (British) or yellow and black checkers (American).
      They had one precise mission : drive in front of the aircraft the were leaving or returning to their apron, or open the way for them to taxi to the runway.
    • The Jeep « Army Air Force », Olive Drab colour, ideal for the pilots going out in town.
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