On the ground 2020

The association “Pilotes de guerre”

L'association "Pilotes de guerre"

The association “Pilotes de Guerre” was born in January 2012, under the impetus of a few enthusiasts echoing the title of the famous novel by Saint Exupéry. The group’s goal is to combine a passion for aviation, some members being pilots, and a duty to remember, so as not to forget the lives and sacrifices of pilots of yesteryear.

Members of “War Pilots” thus presents the uniforms, equipment and history of the great aviation figures and pilots of the conflicts of the 20th century.

The group was born in Belgium, with now a majority of its members being French and also about twenty members coming from Belgium, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Japan.

For the AIR LEGEND 2020, the focus will be on the Luftwaffe and its personnel. Come and find out what was like the daily life on a “German” aerodrome such as Melun Villaroche during the occupation.

You will be able to see the reenactment of a paratrooper unit (Fallschirmjäger) in protection mode of an airfield. You will be surprised by the missions carried out by the female auxiliaries (Helferinnen): telemetry detection and identification of enemy aircraft. We will present the daily life of these women, more than half a million of whom served in the German army.

The pilots, “Experten” will also be presented. They were the terror of the Allied airmen!

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