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Meet the author Rudolph de Patureaux

Rudolph de Patureaux

Rudolph de Patureaux is the author of the largest ever series about the Free French: un Français dans la tourmente 1939-1945 (A French man within the turmoil, 1939-1945).

In 2013, this writer started a project he had been maturing for years. Writing the account of the French who didn’t accept the June 1940 surrender, seen through the eyes of one man. . A French man among others. The series ‘Un Français dans la tourmente’ was born. 2,600 pages of historical adventure spread through 7 books.

Rudolph de Patureaux is an historian and navy reserve officer. He now lives in Montréal.
He is also the author of an adventure spy novel, ‘Mortel Orient’. Passionate about historical graphic novels, he is always collaborating with famous illustrators (Olivier Dauger, Gil Formosa, Thomas du Caju) for his books covers.

You will be able to meet Rudolph de Patureaux, and have his books dedicated, at the CAF French Wing boot, on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th, between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m.

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