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Max et Pierre-Henri Chuet, father and son pilots

Max and Pierre-Henri Chuet, form a real duo of father-son aviators.

At 15, Max the dad,started in aviation with gliding in Beynes in the Yvelines.
On November 2, 1973, he joined the Air Force as a non-commissioned student, promotion 73/6 and began his training in Cognac first on Fouga, then on T-33 in Tours and finally in Cazaux on Mystère IV. He got his wings in 1976.
In 1977, he became a flight instructor at Salon de Provence.
From 1978 to 1984, he was based in Strasbourg-Entzheim where he piloted the Mirage III R and RD.
In 1981, he successfully passed the exam to become a Reserve Officer in Active Situation where he entered major.
On December 7, 1983, during a shooting campaign in Solenzara, in Corsica, following a ricochet phenomenon during a shooting pass, he joined a very closed club when he was forced to eject from his Mirage IIIR n ° 332. His Martin Baker seat does its job perfectly, it comes out of this adventure unscathed.
From 1984 to 1986, he returned to Cazaux on Mirage IVA in the context of nuclear deterrence. The Mirage IVA is then a vector of the nuclear bomb.
In 1987, he was assigned to Cognac again and became an instructor and presenter on Epsilon. He was then in charge of student standardization and on this occasion he trained the first female student pilot of the Air Force.
From 1988 to 1991, he left in exchange with the RAF at Linton-on-Ouse in Great Britain on Jet Provost and this time he trained the first female pilot of the Royal Air Force.
At the end of May 1991, he finished a military career of 17 years at the rank of Captain.
In June of the same year, Max joined DFS, Dassault Falcon Service and flew on the Falcon 10,20.50 EX, 900 in business aviation, before joining the line, at Corsair, on Airbus A330 in May 1999.
In December 2019, he retired after a successful aeronautical career of forty-six years.


A great sportsman, his son Pierre-Henri first became passionate about aerobatics before successfully competing in the Pilot Naval Aeronautical Officer (E.O.P.A.N) competition in 2006.
He began his training at the Lanvéoc-Poulmic naval aeronautical base, on CAP 10, continued on T-27 Tucano at Salon de Provence before leaving for the USA in 2008, first on T-34C Mentor then on Jet of training T-45C Goshawk with which it carries out its first landings. He received his golden Wings in February 2010.
He returned to France in Landivisiau where he piloted the SEM Super-Etendard until 2014 and went on to the Rafale M. In November 2015, after the Bataclan attacks, he participated in several missions on Iraq. Pierre-Henri, who was called callsign of “Até” in connection with a play on his last name, climbed all the levels of on-board hunting, deputy patrol leader, qualification “Owl”,  night landing, patrol leader to finish instructor and display pilot of the Rafale M in airshows.
It was at Paris – Villaroche Air Legend, in September 2018, that he spent his last day in uniform, he left the French Navy with the rank of Lieutenant of Vessel.
“Até”, who has carefully thought through and prepared for his conversion, integrates the line like his father but with Air Canada on the Boeing 737 Max. In March 2019, after two crashes, the 737 Max was suspended from flight and Pierre-Henri, who suffered a sudden health problem, eagerly filled his spare time by developing his company, intervening as a corporate speaker and launching his channel YouTube, which has enjoyed tremendous success since the start of containment. He wrote a book, D.brief where he adapted the principles of what he learned as a fighter pilot for personal and professional life and which you can get and have him autographed during the meeting.

Max et Pierre-Henri Chuet Max et Pierre-Henri Chuet